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News Posted: 3 November 2023

Four reasons why you need a firearms or shotgun licence

If you have a job or leisure activity that requires you to be in possession of a firearm, then you will need to undergo the process of applying for a firearms or shotgun licence. Whether you compete in shooting sports, hunting or you work for the Police, you will need either a firearms or shotgun licence. Having either firearm or shotgun licence will enable you to buy, possess or carry a firearm or shotgun, which can be pivotal for your work or leisure activities you do. This piece covers four reasons why you may need a firearms licence or shotgun licence.

Competing in shooting sports

If you are interested in competing in shooting sports such as clay pigeon shooting or target shooting, you will need to apply for a shotgun or firearms licence. By owning either licence, it’ll allow you to purchase and own a firearm or shotgun and transport them to and from shooting events.

You work for the Police

If you work for any Police Force in the UK, then you may be required to use firearms as part of your job.

Authorised firearms officers, Specialist firearms officers and Rifle officers are just a few roles in the Police that involve using firearms in the Police. If someone in the police force uses a firearm, they must adhere to strict guidelines set by the Police Force. The College of Policing has armed policing guidelines when it comes to using firearms.

Film or theatre productions

In some film or theatre productions, firearms or shotguns are used as props. If you work in the film or theatre industry and are responsible for the use of firearms or shotguns, you will need to have a firearms or shotgun licence. The licence will allow you to legally possess and use the firearms as part of the film or theatre production.

You work as a farmer or gamekeeper

If you work as a farmer or gamekeeper, you may need to use firearms to control pests, protect livestock, or for other purposes related to your job. In order to use firearms for these purposes, you will need to have a firearms or shotgun licence. Farmers and gamekeepers play an important role in controlling pests that can damage crops and harm livestock. These pests include rabbits, foxes, and other wildlife that can cause significant damage to the land and the animals that live on it. Using firearms is one of the most effective methods used by  farmers and gamekeepers to control these pests.

Getting your firearms or shotgun licence with Firearms Medicals

There are plenty of reasons why you may need a firearms licence or shotgun licence, whether that’s for work or you compete competitively in shooting sports. By knowing the types of activities you may need a shotgun licence or firearms licence, it’ll ensure that you can legally possess a firearm or shotgun. Our team at Firearms Medicals can help guide you through the process of getting your firearms or shotgun licence. We can answer any questions you may have about applying for a firearms or shotgun medical certificate. For any more questions about how the firearms medical process works, contact our team today.