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News Posted: 3 November 2023

How do I go about renewing my firearms medical certificate?

In the United Kingdom, if you want to possess a firearm, you will need a firearms certificate. Whether you are working for the police force or participating in shooting sports, it’s mandatory to have this certificate, whether that’s for work or leisure activities. You may be asking yourself “Why renew your firearms medical certificate?” Once you’ve had your firearms certificate issued by the local police force, it will last for five years from when it was issued. Our guide covers how you can go about renewing your firearms certificate.

Fill out an renewal application form

If your firearms certificate is expiring soon, you will need to fill out a renewal application form. Whether you choose to renew it online or by post, it’s important you do this before your certificate expires. Waiting for police reminder letters will increase the chances of your firearms certificate expiring. We recommend that you renew your certificate as soon as possible, ideally 12 weeks before its expiration date.

Highlight any medical information in the form

When you renew your firearms certificate, it’s important that you highlight any medical information that may affect you in possessing a firearm. Medical fitness is one of the factors that police must consider when assessing a person’s suitability for a firearms certificate.

Disclosing any previous mental or physical conditions you have been diagnosed or treated should be included in the form. In Sections 27 and 28 of the Firearms Act 1968, it specifies that the chief officer of the police must be satisfied that the person can be permitted to possess a gun ‘without danger to the public safety or the peace’.

Your certificate application must have referees

With your firearms certificate renewal form, you must have permission from two people to be referees for your application. The referees must have known you personally for at least two years and must be a resident in Great Britain.

It’s important that your referees must not be of the following people below:

  • Member of your immediate family
  • Registered firearms dealer
  • Serving police officer
  • Police employee
  • Police and Crime Commissioner

You must ensure that the referees are of good character and provided freely without any payment being made.

Get your medical report through a GP

One of the most important things whilst renewing your certificate is getting a firearms medical done through a GP.

Applying for a medical report through Firearms Medical is simple and straightforward. Once you’ve completed our online referral form and given us consent to obtain your medical records, one of our GPs will review it and compile a report. This will take up to three days for the report to be compiled and then we will send it back to the applicant or police force.

What happens if I’ve submitted my renewal form and it has not gone through?

If you have already submitted your firearms certificate renewal form and it has not gone through, you can ask for a temporary permit. This means that you will be granted an automatic eight-week extension of your current firearms medical certificate until you receive a new one.

Renewing your firearms medical certificate with Firearms Medicals

Renewing your firearms certificate can take some time to fill out. We hope our guide has made the process of renewing your firearms medical certificate form easier and more straightforward.

Our team of trained GPs will be able to conduct medical reports for applicants who are applying for firearms and shotgun certificates. For any questions around how we do medical reports or how to apply for a firearms medical, please contact our team today.