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The process


Complete the referral form

Complete our online referral form uploading your medical proforma and consent for us to obtain your medical records, or get in touch by phone or email.


GP reviews your medical records

We’ll obtain your medical records from your GP surgery (can take up to 30 days), then allocate your case to our GPs who will review your medical records and compile the report within 2 days.


Report sent to candidate or police force

We’ll send the report back to you or directly to the firearms licensing officer depending on the force requirements. We’ll also notify your GP surgery that the police may request a firearms marker be added to your medical records.

How to apply

Simply visit our referral form below. Please bear in mind that although we have the ability to complete reports within 2-3 days, our full turnaround time depends on how long your GP surgery takes to send us your full medical records (they legally have up to 30 days).

If you cannot use our referral portal you can email [email protected] or post a paper copy of our referral form and medical records to:

Firearms Medicals, Ryminster, Building 1, Charlesworth Court, Knights Way, Shrewsbury, SY1 3AB

If you complete a referral by email or post you must include:

We will contact you by phone to take payment prior to obtaining your medical records from your GP surgery.

We will need to obtain your full medical records from your GP surgery in order for our Doctor to compile a medical verification report, as part of your application to obtain or renew your firearms or shotgun licence.

How it works

We are entitled to access your medical records at no charge to you, under GDPR regulations, meaning your surgery must provide them to us within 30 days (with your consent). Once we have received your application through our referral portal we will write to your GP surgery to request your medical records and they may contact you to confirm you are happy with this.

We make the medical records request ourselves because police forces prefer that we request your records directly.

On receipt of your medical records we will conduct a review in line with current Home Office and Police guidance, completing a factual medical report, before returning the report to you or directly to the firearms officer depending on the police force.

As per 2019 Home Office guidance we will write to your GP surgery to advise that the police may contact them to request that your GP adds a marker to your patient record (if such a marker is not already present on your patient record). This enables your NHS GP to flag up to police any new medical issues which emerge following the grant of the certificate.

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What is the cost?

Medical verification fee

£59 including VAT
(Discount is available for BASC members)

“A very welcome and reliable service. I have recommended you to friends with a shotgun licence. ”

Jeff, Stafford