Dan Brown

Firearms Medical’s update on gun license legislation changes

Legislative changes recently introduced by the government means that laws surrounding gun ownership are set to tighten further. According to the official government website, from the beginning of November, no applicant will be given a firearms license until the police have reviewed their medical information from a registered doctor, laying out whether or not the person has any relevant medical history such as mental health, neurological conditions, or substance abuse. Prior to this, it was up to the individual police forces on whether a medical was enforced or not, now it is compulsory across the UK.

Do I need a medical certificate for my shotgun licence application?

Are you confused about the rules regarding the need for medical certification to accompany your shotgun licence application? If so, we are not surprised as it is not a ‘one size fits all’ across the UK and requirements vary across police forces.

Should my firearms medical be done by a GP who knows me?

Are you one of the many people who think that only your own NHS GP can carry out medical certification in support of your firearms or shotgun licence application? Well, that’s not the case!

What needs to be checked in a firearms medical?

Our experienced GPs conduct medical checks for shotgun and firearms medical licence holders and applicants.
The police require our GPs to review medical records checking for: Anxiety/depression, thoughts of self-harm/suicide, alcohol or drug abuse, acute stress reaction, personality disorders, dementia, bipolar, neurological conditions.